Values Accreditation

“Our task will be to search continuously for what is new and important, and to make sense of it in terms of who we’ve been and who we’re trying to become”

– Margaret Wheatley


Values Connection is the key affiliate of the International Minessence Group in Australia. We offer accreditation and support in the AVI (A Values Inventory) for individuals and organisations who wish to access the benefits of using this powerful instrument in their values based coaching and consultancy.

The Values Connection AVI training & accreditation programs are designed for executive and personal coaches, organisational consultants, senior executives, human resource managers, and business consultants who wish to integrate values assessment and values development skills into their existing roles and practices. The training is delivered to both individuals and groups utilising a combination of web-based interactive and experiential learning modules. Our programs emphasis rapid assimilation of new knowledge and skills through self-paced learning, clarity of learning objectives, continual practice, practical applications and maximum flexibility.

Once you are accredited to use the AVI you will have access to:

  • Your own branded web based Values Connection/Minessence Group Mission Control dashboard for the purpose of generating on-line AVI questionnaires and reports for your clients.
  • A robust client management database program as well as access to marketing and support materials, research papers and on-line support.
  • Membership of the Minessence Group – an international on-line community of AVI trained coaches and consultants collaboratively exchanging their unique insights and methods of applying values based interventions.

If you are sincerely interested in becoming an accredited AVI coach or consultant please contact us: