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Corporate Culture

We are Values specialists – working with individuals and organisations to understand the impact of values on their leadership, corporate culture, profitability and performance, and aligning personal and organisational values to achieve extraordinary results.


The turbulence of global financial markets, exponential advances in technology, and world political instability all contribute to chaos and cannot be managed using yesterday’s management models. We cannot rely on “what we’ve always done” to take us into the future. Effective leadership of a 21st century organisation, managing in a complex and constantly changing environment, requires values as a framework.

Values are the glue that bonds an organisation when confronted with chaos and the need for change. Values are the “strange attractors” which guide a system’s (or organisation’s) behaviours, and distinguish chaos from randomness.

Values are the energisers for each of us as we get up each day and “do what is to be done”, with joy, enthusiasm and meaning. We are founding members of The Minessence Foundation, an international organisation of values consultants who work collaboratively to continually pioneer the practical application of values technology around the world.