Our Alliances

Quanta Consulting South Africa:

Values Connection is the Australasian master licensee for the revolutionary energy measurement instruments developed by Quanta. We have collaborated to create a robust Leadership Development process using the best thinking of Quanta and Values Connection. We are on the faculty of the Bidvest Leadership Academy in South Africa, and work together to bring Insight and Action to leaders and organisations in Australia, Europe & South Africa.

The Minessence Foundation:

The AVI is the primary focus of our leadership development and organisational values work. We are key affiliates of The MInessence Group, and master accreditors page of the AVI.

The Leadership Circle:

We are accredited to use The Leadership Circle profiles – . One of the most comprehensive and insightful leadership development instruments available. Great leadership articles on their site also.

Rural Solutions South Australia:

We partner with RSSA to deliver innovative workshops for strengthening the leadership capabilities of community, business and government leaders in rural communities. Our “Strengthening Eyre Peninsula” program was nominated for the SA Great awards in 2009, and we continue to collaborate to develop unique programs for a diverse client base.


The 6 degrees team are a great bunch of people we love working with.

Graeme Cowan:

Graeme Cowan, of Bounce Back and Thrive and Karynne Courts, of Values connection have developed a unique program that integrates the best of the self-awareness tools with a process of putting it into action. “Coming Home: Navigating an inspired and fulfilling life” is the result of their collaboration.

Value Mentors, USA:

Illawarra Leaders:

Les Gregory & Associates: