Executive Coaching

executive coaching

Executive Coaching

“That is what learning is. You suddenly understand something you’ve understood all your life, but in a new way.”
– Doris Lessing

We work with individuals, teams and organisations committed to designing and creating their future sourced in values – and making meaningful, aligned decisions as a result.

Our clients include:

Managers & Executives responsible for the success of a sales team/department/area, who need to:

  • manage large projects

Successfully completing large projects and implementing programs requires commitment and focus. Working with us can make the process easier – someone with whom to bounce ideas around, to keep the person focused, provide a sounding board, and hold the vision when it seems overwhelming.

  • increase productivity, substantially

We work with you to develop leadership and teamwork sourced in values, align departmental/business unit goals with the organisation’s mission, and shift the organisation to be innovative and profit driven, rather than the “more-is-better-work-harder-and-we’ll-make-it” approach that can destroy the most valuable asset – people.

  • develop high-performing teams

Accomplishing high targets and meeting organisational goals requires a committed and aligned team.

We assist managers and leaders to “coach” the team, or work alongside to deliver group coaching for the team.

  • become inspirational leaders

Developing leadership capabilities is critical to the success of an organisation, and ValuesConnection specialises in developing Visionary Leaders.

Executive Coaching

People Making Life-Changing Decisions 

You may have attained “success” in the traditional form of great job, big house, huge business, lots of money, and yet feel that there’s something missing. Together, success is re-defined on your terms, core values are identified to co-create a pathway to your visions.

If you are:

  • at a career “crossroad”
  • wanting “more” from life
  • feeling there’s a “better way” without necessarily being able to define what it is
  • seeking direction/support for reaching a very big goal

this process will be rewarding.


Our approach is about encouraging you to access what you already know. This occurs in an environment of inquiry, where we ask effective questions within a productive, results-oriented context. We ask you to take responsibility for your own learning, using techniques to move you towards self-correcting behaviour, and self-generating learning.

This is a collaborative process that is more about asking the right questions than giving all the answers. It is about transformation, and change, and self-awareness.


Working with your coach, you will

  • Obtain insight into self and organisation, increasing flexibility and ability to operate in uncertainty
  • Understand and identify feelings and  their impact on working relationships
  • Recognise where strengths are contextual
  • Acknowledge and effectively deal with stress
  • Find creative ways to handle conflict
  • Develop leadership skills, moving from competitive to collaborative approach
  • Deepen trusting relationships with clients and colleagues
  • Advance own coaching skills to elicit peak performance from others
  • Increase awareness of diverse leadership styles, and their appropriate use
  • Clarify values, and strategies for career development
  • Understand and leverage individual learning preferences
  • Enhance entrepreneurial thinking
  • Expand ability to think and plan strategically
  • Improve delegation and empowering skills
  • Direct and lead organisational change
  • Lead re-structuring initiatives
  • Increase productivity
  • Manage ambiguity and complexity

And strengthen your skills and abilities in:

  • Communication– listening, endorsing, giving feedback
  • Presentation – making an impact by being authentic
  • Delegation – leaders are those who create heroes of others
  • Negotiation – win-win versus win-lose
  • Conflict management – dealing with difficult people in the workplace
  • Managing Stress – relaxation, ten daily promises, self-care
  • Energy management – Discerning the important from the urgent, and prioritizing
  • Career Development, Succession Planning and Transition
  • Preparing for a new role
  • Implementing and Sustaining Self-managed Teams

We are proud of the calibre of our coaches, who draw on a diverse professional experience, academic and practical expertise to deliver the most appropriate service to you and your organisation.

Our coaches:

  • UNDERSTAND the key challenges facing organisations in the 21st century, and are committed to keeping current with those issues by continuous participation in seminars and action learning programs
  • RECOGNISE the unique demands of executive and leadership positions, and are comfortable around those who fulfill these roles
  • FOCUS on the client. We are expected to demonstrate highly evolved relationship skills, and are assessed by the “walk of our talk”.  We have been through rigorous formal and informal interpersonal relationship skills training, and ongoing appraisal and development is paramount to our success as facilitators of values-based processes.
  • ARE OBJECTIVE and able to deal with paradox and ambiguity. Our people are astute business people, and are sensitive to political situations that often arise within large organisations. We maintain confidentiality and trust at all times, and tell the truth.


Growth & Change

You will be prepared to consider changing how things are done, and to re-discover your natural talents and abilities. Willingness to experiment with fresh approaches and openness to redesigning parts of life is also useful.  This enables goals to be more easily reached, and results in an integrated and fulfilled personal and professional life – enhancing the development of innate capabilities and enjoying life as it was meant to be enjoyed.

Doubled Level of Willingness

The value of this approach is that goals are accomplished more quickly, which on your application and commitment.  The benefits are accelerated if you are willing to:

  • Change behaviour, a lot if necessary
  • Experiment and try new things
  • Remove sources of stress
  • Redesign how time is allocated
  • Set goals that are much, much bigger
  • Start treating people much, much better
  • Re-look at your assumptions, limiting beliefs and decision-making processes
  • Start telling the truth, regardless
  • Get appropriate support to handle a problem
  • Raise personal standards to be very, very high
  • Stop tolerating or suffering aspects of personal and professional life

This process works through ACTION – applying insights and the fieldwork accelerates the achievement of personal and professional goals.